Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Laziness.... not good.  This morning my husband woke me at 5:15 as usual.  I normally drag myself out of bed to begin the day no matter how tired I am.  This morning was different.  I was kinda tired, but not that tired.  This was the first day in my recent memory (that may be the problem) that I didn't have to rush out of bed to get ahead of the day.  I layed there trying to think of all that was on the agenda for today. I thought we had a lot of free time.  I checked my planner after waking at 7am and discovered I was wrong.  It all worked out...but it would have worked out much smoother if I had been awake earlier.  I am still waiting for that slower paced day.  Maybe it will be tomorrow after I bring my van in again at 7am for more repair work.  Well, lesson learned.  Laziness gets you nowhere and it's best to conquer that "heroic minute".