Sunday, July 3, 2011

Logan (age 3) at Mass

We arrived a little bit late to Mass today and didn't want to head to our usual spot in the front pew during the opening prayers.  (hey...for all you that know me we are rarely late...we used to come in this late far too rarely).

Instead we sat near the middle (not enough space in the back pews for a family of 9) - thankfully in a place where Logan could still see.  He is pretty good at Mass, but today had a few questions he whispered to me.

  • Where is the bed?  huh?  Oh...the casket?   Our pastor (Father Hogan)'s funeral was held there a couple weeks ago.
  • I can't see Father Hogan!...fortunately he meant he couldn't see Father Hermann preaching - he has a little problem mixing up their names.
  • When everyone started getting up for communion he sort of panicked and said, "What's everyone doing?!"  He's not used too seeing a bunch of people get up in front of him since we sit in the front.  Apparently it looked a little more unnerving than the slower stream of people walking past after receiving communion.
  • He was sadder than usual when the Eucharistic minister didn't bless him.  I'm not going to get into the argument about whether or not they should bless people.  There is no harm in someone blessing my child, but I also don't expect that it should happen.  To me, if it happens it happens.  To Logan, it's the highlight of his morning.  So, my dh took him to see Father, explained the sadness, and asked for a blessing.  Father treated him to a very special blessing, and Logan treated Father to a big smile and a thank you.

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Crunchy Momma said...

Isn't it fun to hear about like from the little one's perspective?