Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're here

We are finally (mostly) moved into our new home.  It's been a challenging ride both physically and mentally.  How do you possibly pack and move a family of 9 (with a lot of stuff) to a new house in a week?!  I would have liked to pack more thoughtfully; maybe donate some items, toss others, etc.  Instead there was no time for thinking about that.  We had a lot of help cleaning, fixing, packing, and moving, (THANK YOU!!!).  We still have a fair amount of stuff at our old house, and a fair amount of work to do to put it on the market.  And we need to do it pretty quickly.  I stopped by today to pick up a few more things and it was sad.  Our old neighborhood is nice, we had been doing a lot of work on the house, etc.  That's when it hit me.  We need to leave it completely and soon.   Normally when you move you don't go back, it's sold and someone is living there!  We need to make that break soon - both financially and emotionally.   We do have prospective buyers very very interested.  As much as we'd like it to work (hey - a great family with kids who wants to live on our cul-de-sac, they don't even want us to patch the holes in the wall,etc.) - not sure if it's going to work out for both of us.  We'll be in contact with them again shortly.  If you are so inclined, please offer some prayers :)  Thank you.

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Crunchy Momma said...

YAY! I cannot believe you are there!

After having moved as many times as we have, I know what you are talking about about the emotional connection. BUT you and your family are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Big Blue.

You are dying to get all of it done but don't overdue it, Real. You have a wee one to think about too.