Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Successes

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This is the "we are preparing to close on a new (to us) house on Friday" version.  So, my successes are limited to this project...while the other things I should also be doing get pushed aside (big failures post?  j/k...can't do everything!)
  1. Packed lots of boxes and ran numerous errands for our painters (dh and kids).
  2. I took the kids down to the end of the cul-de-sac to watch fireworks when I just wanted to go to bed after the long day working around here.
  3. Made numerous numerous phone calls for appointments and co-ordinating estimates for our house next week for things we can't do ourself (check/charge the AC, etc.)
  4. Only slightly panicked when I received a call that there are some last minute problems and we may not close on the house tomorrow.  Well, OK inside I was stressing more.  But a call to explain all this to my dh put it all in perspective.  He's so calm under pressure.
We haven't sold our current house yet.  So, although frustrating and inconvenient (hopefully next week's successes won't entail cancelling all the appointments), it could be worse.  And if it falls through, we'll happily stay put.  The foreclosed house is just an amazing opportunity for us, it's not a necessity. 

We've been praying all along that God's will be done, and all along many many issues kept falling into place for us.  (Like....a dramatic price drop after we decided it was too much, then our lowball offer being accepted over two others, etc. )  We pray that if this is God's will these will fall into place as well, and if it's not, then He'll put the kabosh on the whole thing.

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*kate said...

How exciting! And stressful! You're in my prayers that everything continues to work out for you and go smoothly. I hope to hear next week how wonderful it all worked out :)