Saturday, August 11, 2012

Homeschool Prep Update

  1. Books Ordered *check*
  2. Religion program purchased instead of making my own as planned. *check*
    1. I figured creating my own religion curriculum this year was not a good idea since it is mid August and I hadn't even had a chance to order my school books yet.  I still have scheduling and planning to do.  That will be done outside on a blanket.  Miss Abigail (8 months) loves being outside (um....she starts crying really hard if we walk toward the door and turn away) - just easier that way :)
    2. This is what I ordered if anyone is still looking for a curriculum to include their entire family.  It looks good - I've never tried it. 
      1. I ordered enough kits to cover my preschooler, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 8th.  Though my 8th grader will probably be the assistant teacher with this group and I will supplement hers with RACE for Heaven which will be considered part of her reading as well as religion.
      2. My 9th grader will be doing something different.  Don't know what yet.  I'm relying on St. Thomas Aquinas Academy for that one and I got my paperwork in very late this year.  (Another reason why designing my own religion program this year wouldn't work - besides - I do still intend to do that with spelling but really all I am doing is adding the rules to a book that doesn't teach them.) He will probably do either Church History or Apologetics or a mixture of both.

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