Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nesting (before school) in....feeling the need the get everything cleaned up and organized before we really hit school hard!    Funny, I never considered that nesting but read that at pinewood castle and it made sense.  So ,yes, I am nesting....though by the looks of my house you might think I took the month off of ALL CLEANING!

Something I've been wanting to get to since we moved last summer...go through the bins and boxes of clothes stored in our basement.   There were 5 boxes of clothes packed up just before we moved that were not organized by size/gender...what a mess.  The bins?   They were fairly well sorted.  I called my MIL for help.  This was going to be a big job.  Well, we did it.  Took a number of hours...but we did it.  Everything is sorted.   I have 3 boxes of items to donate, 1 box of "rags", and 1 box for my neice.  I got rid of all those clothes with elastic waistbands if the next recipient won't fit in them for another 4-5 years.   Someone else should get some use out of them instead of these items sitting in my basement only to have the elastic become crunchy.

What instigated this desire to do this NOW!?  School beginning? sorta  Almost fall?  sorts  11 year old boy needing new dress pants that I was sure we had in the bins?  Yep!  Did we have said pants?  Nope!  But, now I will feel better about spending my money on that one pair, and now I know for sure that he has a lot of "play" clothes!

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