Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nesting Before School - update

My 13 yr old dd made this...I think the kids are anxious for school to start (not that they like school, just that they want to get done before June next year.)

I decided the storage room needed a major clean (well, I knew that before but life a way of providing other priorities).  So, some kids and I set to work on it this morning BEFORE bringing all those clothing bins back in.  It looks great!  My helpers did a wonderful job.  We found TWO MORE boxes of CLOTHES - as well as some miscellaneous clothing articles shoved in various areas - ahem!    So...sorted those....cleaned out the boys' closet of clothing that doesn't fit any of them....and returned most of the bins to the storage room.  (I have a few left out that I know will be added to when I go through the younger kids' drawers later this week.)  I delivered some items to Goodwill, some to my sister for my neice, and will have 3 more boxes ready for Goodwill after I have one of the kids take pictures of all our donations for tax purposes.

Now the main family room in the basement needs to be cleaned up.  And, my dh called today to ask if the drain tile company could come and redo their work next Tuesday.  This means everything in two "unused" bedrooms needs to come out and go in that main room.

AND...we will be doing MORE schoolwork next week.   A lot more!  After that...we need to be moving full force ahead, even with doc appts, etc.

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