Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Instead of planning for school we did this

Sorry -quite blury.  We picked all these apples for free (with a donation).  Our apple trees haven't really produced this year due to the early heat then frost.  These came from a farm 1.5 miles away.  Maybe different apples?  We don't know what we have.

It took ALL DAY.  Seriouly.  ALL DAY.  Started before everyone was awake and finished cleaning up after bedtime.  But we ended up with many jars of applesauce, apple butter, pickles, and eggs (refrigerated after the pic), and 10 bags of frozen apples.

Now...I am seriously planning school here.  I think I kept putting it off because we have WAY TOO MANY appointments during school hours the first few weeks.  I try to avoid those at all costs.  Nothing too serious but definitely necessary and unless I want to drive downtown for say a 3:00 appointment or something...I have to take what I can get when the specialists are out in this area.  So, I guess we plan school with 5 appts/wk for the first few weeks.  I am sooo thankful nothing is too serious. 
Though if you have moment to for few small prayers for our 9 mo Abigail.  That the brace she wears nightly for hip dysplasia starts having more of an impact before she hits 12 months  - when they consider the possibility of a more aggressive solution (and that if it reaches that point we can make a wise decision...her hips are so close to being normal - I'd hate to put her through surgery, casting, and more braces if it's just not necessary).  And that she is cleared by the opthalmologist (potential issues were discovered and 2 of our kids have issues with one eye each).  I already have a challenge getting our 7 yr old to wear her eye patch 4 hours per day (she has glasses to correct the vision in her weak eye to see the big E - so I am not surprised she challenges me in that area.) I don't even know what I would do with an infant.  Oh...there are more appointments....those are just the more stressful ones, the others are simply time consuming.

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