Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Small Successes


For more small successes click on the above link.

As for mine this week? They are really small. But that's O.K. It's a good reminder to me that I am making headway on the things I need to do. If you don't move forward you slide backwards....and sometimes I slide backwards...and that's O.K. too.

1. Filled out the US Census Bureau form. I had forgotten it was required :(

2. Sewed 2 patches on Teresa's Little Flowers sash and taught her how to sew the rest on. She's pretty good at sewing!

3. Helped really clean up the basement toy area with the kids, and so far we've kept it clean.

Be sure to check out Crunchy Momma's post below. Hmmmm, so that's what blogging is all about?!

Ok, and now this is Crunchy. I have no clue how to do the little Small Successes button and wanted to participate so I am glomming on to the end of RealMom's post. My tiny successes this week are:

a. I made imperfect cupcakes with the kids. See I have this idea that made from scratch cupcakes do not take all that much longer than box ones. But I never want to get out all the stuff for them, so we do not make cupcakes a lot. This week, I bought box cupcakes (the ones with confetti) and canned frosting. We made cupcakes! It was fun.

b. I called my Uncle, who just lost his wife, just to chat. And really sat down and listened.

c. I started Christmas shopping!


RealMom4Life said...

Way to go! The kids really don't care if the cupcakes are from scratch or a box, it's just making/eating cupcakes. However, the confetti? I'm guessing your kids will always request boxed cupcakes from now on...was this your plan?

I'm sure your Uncle really appreciated the phone call. Sometimes those are really hard to make.

Christmas thinking NO FAIR! a sin?

P.S.. I changed your color so it stood out - otherwise it looked like it could just be some more of me rambling on and on and on and someone might not keep reading that far!

ViolinMama said...

I'm SO sorry I'm so late. I'm here, reading when I can - it has just been too hard for me lately. Thanks for taking the time to post this and inspiring us all! God Bless!

Crunchy Momma said...

Violin, I hope all is ok. No worries. Come by when you can. We love your comments but no need to stress over getting here.
All the best!