Monday, September 28, 2009

TV with commercials

Our kids don't watch much tv. In fact, I laugh everytime I fill out the paperwork at the doctors office for their well child checks, "does he/she watch less than 2 hours of tv per day". I'm thinking, how could they watch 2 hours per day? When would they watch 2 hours per day? My kids don't even watch 2 hours most weeks. O.K. Yes, they occassionally watch 2 hours in a day, but that's usually only a movie night or someone is sick or something.

Back to my original story. The kids only watched public television or EWTN through a local Catholic TV UHF station. After the switch to digital TV we now also get Qubo. Now my kids get all those commercials. Personally, I am finding it kind of funny. They occassionally ask for something they see. More often then not they see something that will make my life easier. And they get really excited about it.

"Mom, you gotta come see this, if you call the number right now you get this thing that makes hamburgers into patties for you!" (yeah, our patties come frozen thank you)

"Mom, come quick, you can buy this thing to make the cold air stop coming under the doors!" (what cold air? what doors?)

"Mom, there's this thing you can buy to stick in the dirt of the plants so it will water it for you!" (hmm, we don't have a single inside plant, I tend to kill them, maybe if I bought one of these....)

So, we've had a few interesting discussions like, "Why do you think they will give you 2 if you call in the next 10 minutes?" or "Do we really NEED that?" or "Couldn't we make something ourselves that will do that?"

I wonder what I will get for Christmas this year? How come some of the kids don't think I really like something they make? I really really do!