Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is a blog again?

Recently while talking to my 104 year old Grandma she said that my cousin got a new dog. Having just talked to my cousin the night before and having her not mention the new pup, I asked a few more questions. Turns out that my cousin actually got a new blog. At 104 you are allowed to not quite hear the difference between "dog" and "blog," especially when you have no clue that "blog" is a word.

After explaining to Grams what a blog is she paused and laughed. "You kids today! You mean to tell me that you want the world to know your business? These blog things sound like The Jerry Springer Show in print form." Uh, yeah, Grams. That one hit a little close to home there.

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RealMom4Life said...

Good point! Not sure what else to say, because why would I want everyone to know my business?!