Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes


Isn't it funny how our small successes can get very very small during certain periods of our life (like homeschooling). It's seasons like this that I find it really helps me to see my tiny successess. I did accomplish something this past week other than feeding, clothing, loving the family. And, on weeks when that is all I accomplish, I am thankful for that because sometimes even those things take a huge amount of effort. To see other people's small successes, or to record your own, click on the link above!

1. Investment cooked/froze one meal of lemon chicken.

2. Solved our perpetually late to homeschool problem.

3. Got creative with our laundry problem this week. Usually we stay fairly well on top of things. But, with a family of 9 it doesn't take much to get behind. I washed like crazy Tuesday and had 4 baskets for my folders to fold during dinner prep time - the laundry room was a mess and they only saw one of the baskets (I found the other 3 Wed morning). Wed I washed lots more and last night they carried up 8 baskets to fold plus all their laundry baskets. I had them sort everything by just throwing it into the correct persons basket and the basket owner can fold their own clothes when putting them away today. Yes, they are a little wrinkly, but it'll do.

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ViolinMama said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! Great! Can you do #3 at my house? :)