Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A once a year way to waste 30+ minutes

1.  Decide this is the best time/day to step away  for 30 minutes. 
2.  Drive to service center and get a number O76.
3.  Veg out and read a mag. while you are waiting.
4.  Realize after 20 minutes that they aren't calling any O's.
5.  Check your number again, it's A076 (A zero 76)
6.  Look at the screen and discover they are on A080.
7.  Go back to desk to get a new number.
8.  Listen diligently for your number.
9.  Proceed to desk and accidentally hand over both number.
10.  Listen as she smiles politely and tells you she tried calling the number 3X and gave up.  People often decide to quit waiting and just go to the drive thru since it's so quick.
11.  The drive thru?  There's a drive thru?  It's quick?  Mental note:  Next time go to the drive-thru.  When did they make a drive -thru?