Friday, March 5, 2010

Recycling Day

Yippee! This is the day we walk up and down the street giving away money! We do this every two weeks! Where we live, we earn Recycle Bank points for recycling based upon the weight inside our bin. Unfortunately for us the truck only comes once every two weeks. We squish, squash, and flatten - but this family of 9 simply cannot fit it all in one container (and when I set it out it a box next to the can? I get the infamous red sticky note suggesting we order a second can - we already have the large version). Well, our garage already houses a 12 passenger van and either an 8 passenger van or (depending on whether or not we are working on project) a set of sawhorses, sheets of plywood, and a addition to all the other garage paraphernalia. Having a large capacity garbage can and one large capacity recycling can is all we can handle. Our city requires garbage and recycling cans to "not be visible from the curb" unless it's pick-up day. So, every two weeks, on a Friday morning, my kids can be seen walking up and down our close knit street opening people's recycling cans, peering inside, and letting everyone know if they hit the jackpot...,"Hey, the Smith's have a little room!", and while someone else is yelling, "The Johnson's is almost empty!" I've considered sending the neighbor's a bill, they are benefitting from this you know. But that would only add to their recycling bin...and then what would we do with ours?


RealMom4Life said...

Yes, so true. Those neighbors are lucky people. When we used to have a small bucket and then LOADS (and I mean TONS) of brown paper bags our wonderful neighbors didn't benefit. Now they do. Very much so.


Crunchy Momma said...

I think I change my mind. I want to live close to you again but, um, not too close now. tee hee.

ViolinMama said...

HAHA! Love this!! So funny!