Thursday, March 4, 2010

Small Successes


Every Thursday the folks over at Faith and Family encourage us to remember our small successes. If you haven't done this yourself I encourage you to consider doing it. Sometimes we can feel like we aren't accomplishing anything....but when we take just a few minutes, once a week, to reflect on it...we can see that we are.

1. Searched on the Internet for a replacement music box for Elizabeth. My parents buy each of the grandkids a special music box for their first Christmas - and Elizabeth's fell off a shelf a couple weeks ago and broke (hers happened to be the glass one). It's a retired piece and was incredibly hard to find, but I found one on ebay and WON it! Hurray! I did seriously overbid the thing- but given the circumstances I'd do it again. And, the great thing about ebay....I only ended up paying about 1/2 of what I bid!

2. Said yes to a birthday party invitation for Henry even though it meant cutting school short on a Monday afternoon when I would have normally said thank you, but heartbeat (and I complain about all the interruptions that we can't control?). But, for many reasons I took this one to prayer. The party was at a rock climbing wall that was rented for two hours and my other kids got to climb too (I paid for my three youngest to play in the nearby kiddie play area with me - so they enjoyed themselves too).

3. I attended our homeschool co-op's parent night even though it had been a busy week here. God wanted me there and I am incredibly glad I listened to Him. The most important thing may of us walked away with? The speaker talked about one of her sons who is studying to be a priest. He came to her one day and said, "I didn't feel loved growing up, you were always mad." That was a very sad awakening for her, but I also believe that message was meant for many of us there. My kids know I love them, don't they? I tell them every night! I homeschool them! (disclaimer here....I don't think someone who doesn't homeschool doesn't love their kids by any means....I'm just saying, who would want to take on such an all consuming task and spend every second of their day with their kids if they didn't love them). But, in the words of my all time favorite Saint, Saint Josemaria Escriva, "Love is deeds, not sweet words." Do I show them that I love them in a way that they know it? I am going to work harder at this, I want them to grow up KNOWING and FEELING that they are loved. I want them to grow up seeing how happy their mom is to spend time with them. I want them to grow up in a joyful home.


ViolinMama said...

What great food for thought for #3. Thanks for sharing that!! I need it.. I tend to be pretty bossy.

Love all your list and your words always help me be better!

Much love!

The Road Scholar said...

Oops! Sounds like I SHOULD have gone to the meeting. I probably could have used that message, too. I'm so busy reminding my kids that I am trying to "do right by them" that I'm sure they won't appreciate it if I keep reminding them. Where's the love there? Thank you for posting that.

Samantha said...

Wow, thank you so much for #3. I really don't want my kids to think that I'm mad all the time. Thanks for the reminder that I should show them love, not just say it out loud.

Young Mom said...

Thanks for #3, I'm glad to be reminded of what really matters.