Friday, October 22, 2010

The Appliance Wars

So, we need a new range and I am heavily leaning toward a double oven/dual fuel model with gas cook top.  (Although I am a little weary about that bottom oven opening so low to the floor).   But last night our dishwasher went out again (we run the beast 2-3X per day, it wasn't cheap and the extended warranty is good for 2 more years anyway) and the warranty company won't be out to fix it until next TH. In all fairness, I do have to say that T was also an option, but with a total of 25 kids in my house for science/art classes running around my kitchen/family room during the time they had available, I opted to wait.

But, if I lose my electric glass cook top in favor of a gas stove...where will I dry all my dishes when the dishwasher goes on the fritz again?

I guess we do what we did when we had the ant infestation this summer.  Clear the counters of everything that isn't used every singe day- put them in the pantry/cupboards, and have less food on hand, and grocery shop more often..............Oh how I am spoiled.  My Grandma would probably give a little smirk when she thinks about all the work she had to do to get groceries and wash dishes.

Suz, I'll offer my dish washing up for you.  You do it daily.  I don't envy you.  But the thought of sending 6 of the 7 kids to school to reduce the number of dishes we dirty during the day is enticing.  Or...we'll just get some paper paper plates and cups, let the kids wash the rest.

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Suzie said...

maybe an industrial school type dish washer might be the solution for ya :)

We wash dishes several times a day... like I wash a sink full before making a meal, wash as I am cooking, then there's another load after I'm done. But this keeps each load small and it all still fits in my countertop rack. But if I were in your shoes... I'd buy stock in a paper plate company. ):