Thursday, October 21, 2010

Small Successes

    For more small success stories (and great ideas!) click on the link above.
    • Made a doll quilt for my god daughter with Terese
    • Took 3 days off school to regroup - see below
    • I've been teaching Terese (11) to cook dinner every night this week.  She chose the meals (with my help).  The goals here:  teach my kids some skills for life & get some help here in this area.  An unexpected bonus has been that the two of us are alone in the kitchen together spending some time and I can get the table set while helping her, freeing up my other kids for other jobs (laundry folding, etc.)  I plan to rotate through the kids one week at a time doing the same thing.  Once I'm confident they can pull off a meal I may change it to assigning them one or two nights per week.

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    Samantha said...

    Way to go on your successes! Now I'm off to teach my kids a few things that they can do in the kitchen!