Thursday, October 7, 2010

Small Successes

1.  Read an entire book,  Das Americaniska.  Yes, it was in English, these are small successes remember.

2.  Rearranged my meal planner page.  It used to be 4-5 weeks worth of meals.  After talking to Crunchy Momma recently we were lamenting how that USED to work for us.  But now that our lives are busier we needed to be able to look and plan around the events of the week.  One week we might need 2 crockpot meals, a quick meal, and something that someone else can throw in, etc.  So Crunchy Momma made a new spreadsheet with columns titled crockpot, early start, late start, and sides.  She then divided them horizontally for beef, chicken, other.  So really I just copied her using my meals...but did take 5 whole minutes.  AND...she needs to add more dairy/tomato free meals so I can get more ideas off her in that way too!

3.  Pulled out all the snow pants and winter coats to see what sizes, if any, we needed to buy this year.


Mary said...

These are fantastic successes! I so want the meal planner!! It sounds like the exact thing I need. So whatever kind of bribe you need...I am there! LOL!

Michelle said...

Great week! Reading time, to yourself, is always a bonus!