Thursday, October 14, 2010

Every Thursday we list our small successes.  It's a nice reminder that we did accomplish something during the week other than survive (although some weeks that in and of itself is a major success).  Since our homeschool has started up again this fall my successes have become much smaller, and more helpful to me to remind myself they do still exist. 
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1.  I took Nathan grocery shopping Sat. morning and we filled up TWO carts.  I had let the pantry run down, trying to use up some of those things that have just been sitting there.  Buying for 9 when the pantry isn't depleted is a lot of work! I dread grocery shopping, I would rather clean toilets.  And I am totally serious about that.   I tried to order groceries the night before but the local grocery delivery service was having some sort of problem with their website.   So, taking Nathan with me was the next best thing.   It's a lot more fun, I can send him down an aisle for one item and he can meet up with me in the next, and he is a better/faster bagger than we get at most stores that bag it for you.  But, when he asked if he could get some dairy free ice cream I didn't realize he put THREE boxes in the cart.  Really Nate?  THREE?  I bought them anyway.  We don't always get to Cub Foods and I haven't seen this particular item anywhere else.

2.  I allowed the kids to have ice cream as a treat for Christopher Columbus day.  I was a hit, although it was Nathan's idea.  He found a way to get some of that ice cream he bought and we pretty much save it for special days.

3.  I figured out how to work my cell phone!  No, it's not new, and no, it's not fancy.  But for the last couple weeks it wasn't ringing when someone called me from home.  As it turns out, even my very basic phone has an option to change the ring style based on the number calling.  I think one of my younger kids might have messed that up - it was on silent.  It is silent no more!


Michelle said...

If you clean my toilets, I will do your food shopping. Love it! Great week! said...

I can't imagine grocery shopping for 9! I have hard time with 4. No wonder you don't enjoy it. Taking Nathan was a great idea! That is a wonderful success!
Great week!