Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do they realize what their sign says?

I had my oil changed recently and while I was waiting to pay I saw a sign on the wall with these words on it (and the exact words are on my receipt, so yes, these are the exact words). 

[We] only:.....
  1. Measured tread depth in only one place on each tire with a device that provides no exact measurement.........The tread depth may not be the same at all places on a tire.
As I was standing there and everyone was going about there business working or paying...I couldn't  help but think...doesn't anyone else find this 1.  Funny, 2.  Stupid, 3. Both?   Or maybe no one else read it?  They appeared to have gone through the effort of checking mine since each tires tread depth was listed on my receipt, but there's not much point in reading it, apparently it's useless?

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