Friday, November 26, 2010

Logically Learning Logic

My 11th grader is taking Logic, and I'm her teacher.  Now, normally most of her classes are self directed and mom tested.  However, when her Traditional Logic book arrived I knew that I would need to keep up with her.  It's not a subject she could come to me weeks into the text with a question unless I was learning it as well.  So that is what I have been doing.  I haven't been doing the exercises, but I have been taking notes and making sure I understand what is going on - until last week.

I have spent the last hour going through the last two chapters trying to figure what I was doing wrong.  My daughter has been receiving A's on her assignments, so thankfully her mother's inability to grasp the information hasn't stopped her.   She is delving deeper and deeper into the 4 stmts of logic.  I have my notes.   They are color coded.  Really.  I like to teach the class using our giant white board with different colors (All A stmts are blue, All I's are red, etc. ) and different lines relating things together.  I even take my notes in Excel so I can put things where I want easier and draw arrows, circles, etc.  I need to see it!  Anna likes a more outline type approach. (Does this explain why she is more into reading/writing and I am more into math?)  Somewhere along the line I inadvertently re-ordered my stmts.  Instead of A, I, E, O they became A, E, I, O (vowels in order).  Hey, that makes more sense to me!  And some of the information I was learning was going with the correct stmt and some was going with the incorrect one (I was mixing up my E's and I's). Anyway, that created all kinds of problems as I was learning about the distribution of terms (don't even ask...that's why I must stay on top of this class.)  So, I just finished fixing my notes.  And...NOW. I. GET. IT.  I generally don't have to "relearn" a subject when my next child takes it.  But with this class, I think I will.  But, I'm keeping my notes.  I think Nathan will more appreciate my colors and arrows (*wink* to Anna).

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