Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Small Successes


For more inspirational small success stories click on the link above.

The....what a day version!
3/4 gal. of oil based paint on the carpet

1.  The Cat in the Hat (or...The Mom in a Hurry)

This was no time for play.
This was no time for fun.
This was no time for games.
There was work to be done.

And then I was in a hurry.
Two kids were leaving soon.
I said, "Hey, you can help me!
Quick, move the dragon cage.
Next move the kitchen island!
Step to the side, I'll move that shelf out of the way."

And, that's when I did it.
I spilled a gallon of paint all over the carpet!
The kids (mine and 2 more) all stared at me.
They thought I would blow.
But I kept rather cool.
(I'm trying to make that a rule.)

Move to the side,
I'm throwing the can out in the snow.
Quick get lots of rags,
Get some garbage bags too.
Let's sop up this mess,
Get the Bissel from the basment,
why I think what else to do.

Call the carpet cleaner.
"What do I do?"
"That wasn't the best kind of paint to spill you know, but
Use the Bissel to sop us as much as you can,
don't let it dry,
throw a wet rag on top,
we'll be there at 8 a.m. on the dot."

I cleaned the Bissel as best I could,
I've thrown out lots of rags,
and got paint on my clothes.

And all I could think,
as I cleaned up one mess after another just like that
Was that this story reminded me of,
The Cat in The Hat.

We'll see what happens at 8 a.m. - who knows. I guess on the bright side I now own a pair of painting jeans and a lovely painting sweatshirt.

I'll offer it up for a safe trip and return home for my husband (he left for Florida for a couple days for work).

 2.  We got all of our snow gear up from the basement storage Saturday morning. (OK...Nathan brought it all up.)  4 bins of coats and snow pants, 3 bins of boots, and numerous other bags full of gloves, hats, etc.  Anna and Therese brought everything back downstairs when we were done.  We set up our temporary drying rack (my dh and the boys intend to make one), hung all the coats on the hooks, and hung all the snow pants on the hooks as well but draped them over the railing alongside the staircase.  The kids got lots of time playing in the snow Saturday.  I was out for awhile but most of my time was spent helping the youngest two on and off....and on and off...and on and off.... with their gear.

3.  Cleaned the floor and the wall before our new oven was installed today.

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