Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls draw Nouns and Boys draw Verbs

That's what I learned from an Andrew Pudewa talk a few years ago. (and boys typically use one or two colors - while the girls will make theirs very colorful). I typically do NOT share this type of information with my kids. I'm afraid it would either make them want to follow what is expected or purposefully do the unexpected. But, I could't help pointing this out to people who were looking at their pictures- and my kids did hear of course. I think they'll be OK.

The other day they made pictures for their aunt's birthday.

11 yr old boy: Space scene with flying objects, a satelite, the moon, the earth, etc. Very detailed in black and white.

9 yr old girl: Lots of colorful flowers in a vase and another picture of a house with 2 people climbing a tree.

7 yr old boy: A huge rock monster type guy eating stuff - colored in black and orange

5 yr old boy: Same scene as the 11 yr old he was sitting next to, with the addition of someone sort of drowning in water yelling Help Me

3 yr old girl: Pink and purple stamp pages.

So, basically other than the tree climbers in my daughter's drawing - they fit the "stereotype" to a T. What do your kids draw?


Crunchy Momma said...

Esme is currently drawing drawing several very colorful pictures. They are all of her eating ice cream. Wonder what she is thinking about?

Before I heard of this concept, I admit that I had been one to insist that Ian, Glen and Sebastian add color to their pictures. Bad Mom, bad Mom! No Mom of the Year for you!

Kerri said...

lately, pictures of me! Audrey has been making pictures and books for mother's day.
I'm smiling and happy in all the picures, and in one picture I'm smiling because Audrey cleaned up the house. In a poem I'm happy because she put her toys away. In another picture kids are doing dishes and I'm smiling. Hmmmm....not sure what to make of that!