Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom Talk - how?

My question today is... How do you fill your need for Mom Talk?  Being a SAHM can be isolating. Often times we have several people under five foot tall to care for, husbands that work full time or more, and not a lot of time to nurture multiple meaningful relationships. How do you fill your need for adult conversation and understanding?


RealMom4Life said...

That's probably one of the toughest things!

When my kids were young I joined a Rosary group that met once a month. We prayed the Rosary then talked awhile while the kids played. I even ran the nursery for a bible study - when it was over the moms would stick around and talk.

As my family grew - I had less and less time - these things became something I no longer found joy in, instead I needed to be home.

As the kids get older they start to fill part of that need, not all of it, but part of it. And, they cannot (and should not in my opinion) be used to commiserate with.

I love getting together with another mom and kids so they can play wjile we talk. This is ideal for me - but not that frequent.

Sometimes I call my BFF and talk on the phone for an hour.

Crunchy Momma said...

Good ideas. I especially like the one about calling your BFF for an hour!