Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who are those Marines in my kids' beds?

Last night I was going through my usual routine with the last stops being checking on the boys before taking myself to bed.  Retucking in everyone is a must.  Some nights I straighten a child that has flipped sideways, or turn on a fan or open a window. Last night was different.  It was warm here last night so everyone was sleeping on top of the covers, and WOW!  Have they all grown!  My babies had been replaced by Marines!  The new buzz cuts, the tanned skin, a few strategically skinned knees or bruised elbows and long, lean legs and arms made it seem as if they had all grown up over night.  Where did my babies go?

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RealMom4Life said...

With all those boys I bet they do like marines! They must be getting so big. Funny. I keep thinking of Ian as Nathan's age (did I get that right?) but the rest - they all still seem to be about the age of 4 or so. I guess NO BOYS there are that young!