Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Mom, someone did not put their dishes away!"

It seems as if whoever is clearing the table always reports that someone did not do their part of clearing off their dishes.  Apparently, in kid world, this is a big deal.  So rather than stand there for two minutes and try to remember who sat where, call the person back and have them carry the plate over to the sink; I think I have finally outsmarted the kiddos.  (Yea, that is a deadly claim, eh?)  I got a colored melamine plate, bowl, and cup for everyone.  Everyone has a different pattern so we knew what plate belongs to what person.   Everyone has to place their own plate in the dishwasher after each meal or at least before the next meal because there is only one each.  The plates do not break and if someone forgets to take their plate off the table or wash it, it was easy to see who to ask to fix the problem. Or if nothing is done about the plate before the next meal, they know that they need to fit the problem or they have no plate to eat with.  


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RealMom4Life said...

I like that! Is it still going well?