Thursday, May 7, 2009

What was HER name again?

A friend called to tell me that someone that we both know had her baby.  My friend said that she had a girl and her name is Harley.  Thinking that I had heard her wrong, I asked her to spell the name.  No, I heard that right.  "And it was a girl?"  "Yes."  

Names are one of my things.  I try to remember people's names.  I think that your name can tell a lot about you.  Prince Charming and I spend a lot of time on naming our children and I think we do a good job.  In my opinion, our children all have beautiful, strong names, that are a little different but not way out there.  

My name is different - really different. I am willing to bet that you know no one else with my name.  While I like it now, growing up with it was far from my best feature. I have been made fun of for it.  People mispronounce it all the time.  I always have to spell it out for people.  But all in all, I like it.  It fits me. We are both different, but easy to get to know and well, interesting.  *smile*  However, I think that it is definitely a female name.  

There seems to be a trend to name girls names that are traditionally boys' names. There have always been some names that you cannot guess about the gender of the person.  Chris could be Christopher or Christina.  Pat can be  Patricia or Patrick. In the last year I have heard of girls being named Ryan, Elliott and Harley.  Having grown up with an odd name, I shutter to think of the things that these girls are going to have to deal with in their lives.  I can see a school secretary thinking that the gender box is wrong and putting poor Harley in the all boys kindergarden class.  Elliott (and no they are not shortening it to Ellie) being made fun of for her name.  "Did your parents name you Elliot because they thought it rhymed with their name - Idiot?"  And poor Ryan, what if she falls in love with a Ryan?  Ryan and Ryan Smith... he might have to deal with a lot of questions.  Teenage girls have a hard enough time getting comfortable in their skin.  I think gender bending on a name makes it all the harder.  There are such amazing names out there, some of which are very different, why not chose one of them?  And it will save you the hassle of trying to explain to the bakery why the "Happy Birthday, Harley!" cake has to have pink icing. 
Just my opinion.  Take what you like and leave the rest. 

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RealMom4Life said...

I agree, why make life hard? And if she happens to be a girl who grows up looking sort of - how do I say this nicely - not obviously looking like a girl - then it'll be even harder.

There is a 2nd grade boy in the neighborhood whose hair goes way past his shoulders. I really don't care personally, but my little Elizabeth keeps insisting he's a girl. She thinks we should ask.