Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

Today was a busy day in the morning, we had a few things that we had to do. Then, I took the kids to visit my MIL and bring her flowers. My husband is out of town for work. A few years ago I would NOT have done this. Why?

1. Sundays are very precious to me. In addition to being a Holy Day, it is the only day of the week my husband is usually home. I want him to myself (and the kids).

2. I was feeling like mothers day was all about me. And, it sort of is and sort of should be. But, my husband gets to see me everynight and every Sunday - isn't it right that he see his mom on mother's day - she doesn't live that far away.

3. My mom lives a few hours away. We talked on the phone, I will see her this weekend, I will buy her some flowers.

4. And here's a biggie. A few years ago, the night before mothers day, I was lamenting the fact that we wouldn't be able to stay home on mothers day and spend it alone. I just wanted a mothers day at home, alone with my family. The next morning we awoke to a flooded basement. We have a 1500 sq. ft. basement! and about 2/3 of it was flooded. It was my fault. We had always had a water detector downstairs just in case the sump quit or something. It had NEVER gone off for anything real (just someone tossing a wet towel next to it or something). It needed a new battery and after staying up and watching Star Wars with my husband, I was too tired to put the new battery in and put it back downstairs. I would do it in the morning. Well, the sump quit, the basement was flooded, and we got our mothers day home alone.


Crunchy Momma said...

Aw, that was nice of you to go out to your MILs. I had forgotten about the Mother's Day flood of a few years ago! Oh, what a rotten day that was! Sorry that your Prince Charming is out of town.

Anonymous said...

which Star Wars Episode ;)

RealMom4Life said...

Star Wars III I think. I remember being disappointed I stayed up so late and was so tired (too tired to put the battery back in the detector). It was a good movie but I somewhat "ruined" by the fact that you know what happens next (Anakin turns into Darth Vader, Amidala dies, the babies are separated, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats III! :)

BTW, this is "Bowser" (Ask "Anna")
Idk why it says ifuHlFs5xtWzLAjFh6M25h.2Jsdk

RealMom4Life said...

Hi. I was wondering how iful..... was

Anonymous said...


RealMom4Life said...


I'm getting old. I meant to say I was wondering WHO iful.............................................. was