Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Easy? Dinner

At our house, pizza for dinner generally isn't the EASY way out. With 2 people allergic to dairy (1 cheese free pizza), 2 allergic to dairy and tomatoes (1 cheese AND tomato free pizza) + 5 others....we have a number of pizza options. Add that to the 3 different kinds of milk! But, alas, I will NOT complain. I am NOT one of the people that needs to eat one of these unique pizza's. I can enjoy the real thing. The only reason there are 4 normal pizza plates is because I had to cut the two pizzas and separate the pieces so they could cool faster. Note to self: Next time bake the younger kids' pizzas first, the older people can cool their own off.


Sharon said...

I hope you don't put chocolate almond breeze in the pizza dough!

I can sympathize on food allegies. Very heavy sigh.....

Crunchy Momma said...

SO what does a pizza without cheese or tomato taste like?

Looks like fun.

Sharon, what allergies do your kiddos have?

RealMom4Life said...

Well, the people who get the pizza without cheese or tomatoe get to splurge (esp. when we order Papa John's). They get the deluxe meat pizza while everyone else get's like 1 topping.

The Dairy Free cheese from Fresh and Natural foods is awesome. It takes like real cheese. I just have to shred it. As far as the sauce? We've tried many things....sometimes even italian dressing, just something to give it a little zing and hold the stuff on. It really doesn't taste bad. In fact, if it was easier and/or (and it is clearly NOT either) I would certainly serve it to everyone. :)

Sharon said...

My daughter has wheat, peanut, banana and soy.

I, on other hand, am in worse shape-wheat and peanuts (again), dairy, eggs, either garbanzo or fava beans(both were in a Gluten-Free flour mix that gave me a stomach ache) and add to that that I can't digest hard foods (raw carrots, raw brocoli, raw cauliflower and apparently raw peas that RealMom4Life puts in a delicious chicken salad).

And of course you could toss in hubby who avoids most carbs (a "maintenance low-carb dieter).

Meals are fun..sigh

Kerri said...

Shelly, what is the brand of cheese you get from Fresh and Natural? I cannot for the life of me find a dairy free/casin free cheese that tastes like cheese or melts with a texture that is edible!

RealMom4Life said...


The cheese is from a place called Mt. Sterling Co-op Creamery.

This stuff is worth the shipping if you have to do it that way. No one eats the feta here straight - I use it on salads. But, I'm guessing that would be the case with cow feta as well - it is different.

They have mozarella, country jack, sharp cheddar, a non-pasturized cheddar, and more. My kids even eat this right out of the frig! Maria's always trying to stop them but it really doesn't taste different than "regular" cheese so they don't realize the difference. How's that for goat cheese!