Monday, October 12, 2009

New Reality Show - Homeschool Insanity

This week we have two birthdays, five dentist appointments, two eye doctor appointments, a day trip to a neighboring state (3 hour drive each way), a trip to the theater, a wedding and, uh, homeschooling. Oh and I should add that for birthdays the kids get to pick out a cake for me to make. That means I will be crafting a Pink Princess Horsey Cake and the Millennium Falcon out of nothing more than chocolate cake and powdered sugar icing. Wish me luck.

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RealMom4Life said...

you amaze me! or amuse me (typo). I think I'd:

1. Chuck the books this week.
2. Have science at the eye doc and dentist.
3. Art apprec. at the theater.
4. Phy Ed at the wedding.
5. State history on the way to your appt.'s.

Ok, just are you going to do this! You are amazing or insane! Lonnnnngggggg MEA week!!

Can we see cake pics? hmm.maybe I shouldn't tell my kids...Elizabeth would pick Esme's and any of my boys would pick Jack's!

Happy birthday to both!!!