Friday, October 9, 2009

Take time for the important things

Prince Charming recently set the screen saver to run pictures off of our computer. It has been delightful to relive those moments again.

Having had five children has been wonderful, but at times overwhelming for me. To be honest I do not remember a lot of the moments until I see the pictures again. It is so nice to recall that there have been wonderful, fun, unplanned times of pure delight. I need that. All too often I remember the laundry and the messes and forget the good things. So my best advice for this Friday is to go find your camera or go invest in a good one. Keep it handy and take lots of pictures. One day those pictures will be more precious than gold to you.


RealMom4Life said...

I always thought of someone saying that to mean like the empty nest type thing. You look back and it's gone. But you are sooooo right. Sometimes we do get so caught up in the day to day that we forget those precious times we captured on camera. I gotta get my pics into a book again!

Mary said...

I agree 100%!!! My hubby bought me one for my bday this year and I love it! You are so right- I, too, forget the good and great moments-at time- and seem to remember too much of hte yelling and crying!!! Thanks for reminding me to keep uploading those pics and taking them :)
God bless,
Mary @ Cheerios