Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the few days days...

I made environmentally friendly, reusable gift wrap.

Dried and chopped the parsley that we harvested from the garden.

Made pumpkin cookies with fresh ground whole wheat flour, raw sugar, organic pumpkin and powdered sugar.

I did not have enough butter for grilled sandwiches for lunch, so I skimmed the milk (we use raw milk), whipped up some fresh homemade butter and proceeded with the sandwiches as planned.

Beat that Martha Stewart!


RealMom4Life said...

oh you are so much better than me. I hung up and then eventually threw away the (dried out dusty) chives from our garden.

My gift wrap is usually red or green (I buy stuff after Christmas for a steal and try to get something that will work the rest of the year) or one of the zillions of gift bags we have.

Grilled cheese with no butter? When that happened to us I used a can of Pam cooking spray. Sad I know.

Martha Stewart doesn't have a gaggle of kids helping her do her projects! Way to go!

Mary said...

Awesome list! martha Stewart ain't got nothin on you!

I love the blog. I found it through Faith and family LIVE. Fabulous concept. I can't wait to check in again.