Monday, October 19, 2009

You know you have a large family when...

... People stop asking "Are all these yours?" and start asking "What school are you from?"

... You start referring to the small boxes of cereal as "the why bother size."

... You start referring to the boys' bedroom as "the barracks."

... Your family qualifies for group discounts.

... Even Mom has to stop to think how old everyone is.

... The kids in the neighborhood refer to you as "the pregnant mom" even when you are not pregnant.

... Your pantry contains two sizes of boxes "family" and "industrial."

Anyone else have any to add?


RealMom4Life said...

Those are great - and original!

Something to add..... how about you automatically puchase the annual family pass when you go somewhere because it costs about the same as one trip once you add everyone up.

Your washing machine runs every day other than Sunday (and Mondays are doozeys).

Your dishwasher runs 3X per day.

RealMom4Life said...

A few more:

When you go grocery shopping for a week people presume it's for a month.

When all your kids have the flu you are reminded how much work they do around the house.

Crunchy Momma said...

Amen to all of those. Thanks for adding them.

How are the troops feeling?

RealMom4Life said...

I proclaim them healthy enough to go back to normal life. But, not quite healthy enough to be functioning at 100%