Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Small Successes


My sweet but small successes this week...

1. Played ponies and people with my my 4 year old dd. Our neighbor has outgrown the set and passed it on to us. Elizabeth never wants me to play dollhouse, or anything like that because I keep messing up the names of the people, her 10 year old sister knows all the names, in fact some of these people have been named for 14 years! (Maybe I should take a picture of them lined up and have her dictate the names to me!) Anyway, when my pony asked her pony her name I was told, "Mom, we haven't named them yet." Ahh, that's why I got to play. I'd better stay current on this one.

2. Helped the kids "re clean" the basement. I will NOT let those toys get to be in such a disarray again! (yes, I've said that before)

3. Organized a months worth of receipts into 5-6 nice little labeled piles so they will be easier to work with.

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