Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Successes


Remembering our small successes helps us to remember that we are making progress.  In a time where many of us have more to do than is realistically possible, we need to remember that we are progressing.  My blog time has significantly reduced over the years (it was easy when I had a nursing infant to type single handedly.  Now my youngest is 3 and my time at the computer has decreased).

1.  I washed 2 bathrooms and and emptied the dishwasher a couple times.  These are normally my kids' chores.  But we've been "preaching" so long on helping out the family in whatever capacity we can...pick up that toy you just had to step over so no one else might trip on it, if you see someone's book laying on the floor, at the very least put it on a table or something.  Well, my 3 and 5 year olds were in the bathtub playing and my cleaning "chemicals" are rather "green" so I cleaned the entire bathroom  - other than the tub.  I was cooking something that required me to NOT walk away but didn't need 100% attention, so I emptied the dishwasher instead of calling the kid in to do it while watched.

2.  I've felt so busy lately I hadn't been using my planner.   This is NEVER profitable for me.  It's like saying I am too busy to pray.  I've learned...I really am too busy NOT to pray.  Anyway, my dd finally has her ortho appt.  A few other items are on the list to take care of now.

3. I made waffles and sausage this morning rather than have the kids eat cold cereal.  I'm trying to "fill them up" a little more in the mornings so they don't need a morning soon.

Bonus:  Things I have learned this week
1.  When the propane grill starts on fire it really is important to get close enough to turn off the gas supply and close the lid.   And...baking soda did work to put out the flames.
2.  It's important to listen to your child when they say they smell a little gas outside.  It could be a leak by the meter.  The Centerpoint technician was very nice and fixed 2 leaks for us.

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JJ's Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful (albeit crazy?!?) week to me. Glad the baking soda and Centerpoint both did their jobs! Be safe!