Thursday, March 24, 2011

Small Successes


Sometimes it's especially important to recognize our small successes for the week.  As moms, we are often so busy with all the little details of life that we it's easy to fail to recognize that, yes, we did achieve SOMETHING!

  1. I took the kids for a walk down by the lake AND I let them run down the path with little fear of oncoming bicyclists at this time of year (generally our kids earn the freedom to walk ahead of me only after they have mastered staying to the right).  We did see a few joggers.
  2. I am gradually working my way through my portion of the tax prep paperwork.  My dh, being a private tax accountant, does nearly all the work.  But, I do have a small part to play.
  3. I've been letting my kids play in the sandbox with their so cute to see them all dressed up in winter gear...finally getting the chance to dig in the sandbox.....but it brings in more sand than ever since it's all stuck to them when they get out!
Can we list our failures too?  How about our successes gone wrong?  Just kidding.  Actually, these are kind of

We packed all the really warm winter gear away and pulled out the wrought iron table and chairs - we thought it was spring.  God had other plans. I apologize everyone, that one may have been my fault. poor kids had to go dig out their gear so they could spend an hour shoveling the driveway.

I've been working on some new recipes with help from the kids.  Last night we made Ginger chicken.  It took about an hour to slice thinly slice everything just right, cook it, mix up the sauce, etc.  The very last thing I added was "fresh" cilantro.  I didn't want to buy real fresh cilantro when I went shopping because I didn't think it would last, and this was just too fresh and yummy of a recipe to use my dried stuff.  Well, this "fresh" cilantro comes in a tube.  I squirted it in, and only then, as Henry was stirring it together, did I read the ingredients.  Whey.  AAARRRGGGG.  Nearly 1/2 my family is allergic to milk and I already knew the youngest two wouldn't like it and I had forgotten to save some plain chicken for them.  Well, Henry had really wanted to make a recipe he had created anyway.  So, he did.

We had an appt with our chiropractor across town yesterday morning. Normally this would be a 40 minute drive.  With all the snow we got yesterday it was 90 minutes!  I have been so tired know that kind of down to the bone tired you get during the first trimester of pregnancy?  That kind of tired.  But, NO, I am NOT pregnant, I am certain of that.  I've tried extra iron, that didn't help either and it makes me nauseous.  So, I wanted some help with this one and sure enough he figured it out - though the fix will take some time to work.   But, I was yawning so much I was having a hard time sitting upright and I joked that I had given up pop for Lent (I am not a coffee drinker, and normally not a pop drinker...but the last 6 weeks or so I have been drinking Pepsi in an effort to make it through the day).  He told me I had a medicinal excuse/responsibility to buy a pop on the way home...I bought a Coke...'cause I prefer Pepsi :) He knows I have a tendency to get very sleepy behind the wheel anyway.  It worked, we made it home safely, and said some prayers for all those in the ditches on the way.

So, this week has been a week of......OK are having some fun with me, eh?  Lightening up my life?  Thank you for protecting us from anything horrible...I am seeing the humor in this :)

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ViolinMama said...

This is the BEST. POST. EVER! I love the soda pop story and you got a coke over a pepsi for some sacrifice. LOVE it. I needed it this once!

Much love, and love your whole list...and the real moments!