Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stopping to look at cows

If you live where we do then there are no flowers to "stop and smell the flowers" in the winter.   So, stopping to look at cows is the next best thing.

My husband took Anna(16) and Logan(3) snowmobiling a few miles from our house yesterday.  Logan loves snowmobiling and when they got home he told me his favorite part was, "Looking at the cows!"  My husband said he stood there looking at those cows for a long time, and when asked if he was ready to ride some more Logan's response was, "No." 

When Anna and Logan were getting their helmets Anna told him they needed to get him the lightweight one so he wouldn't be walkin' around like a bobblehead.  We didn't know this conversation had taken place, which made it more amusing when my husband was getting him ready and he started wiggling his head around saying, "Walkin' around like a bobblehead."


RealMom4Life said...

Just for the record: Logan did agree to ride some more after the cows (who had come to look at him) started walking away.
Also, he willingly rode 20 miles by snowmobile. That's a long way for someone who's 3!


Crunchy Momma said...

LOL! I love Logan even if he is a Bobblehead. What a cute picture! Tell him I like to look at cows too. And the best part is with all that snow on the ground they do not make milk; they make ice cream! Ok, not really but they should.