Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Successes

As we're running about trying to get more done than is's really helpful to look back out week and see that WE DID DO SOMETHING

1.  I've planned a day off of school to take the kids to the zoo.  We'll be working into the summer anyway and our membership expires in just days.  We don't get a zoo membership every year, and the kids have been asking to go.  We are fortunate to have two zoos in our area.  One is free (small donation), this one is not free....but oh so great!  And....when you have a family our size, if you go to most places 1 1/2 times in a year - you 've paid for the membership.

2.  Speaking of working into the summer....I am making a list of items to change the way we run our school year.   We will be doing a family J term class (maybe history or geography)..we will cut down on math and phonics (but not take a month off those).  January is our time of numerous long weekends for snowmobiling as a family...we decided it's better to take the family time than pass on the opportunities rather than get done mid dh's busy season is in the summer.  We will also be really continuing school this summer.  I am not ready for a 5 week on 1 week off sort of school year.  But, we will be doing math and phonics/reading and some grammar/writing all summer.  Maybe 3 days a week...30 minutes each....something like that.  I want to do something so that we can lighten our load during the school year and be able to take advantage of things of some opportunities that arise during the school year.  (like soccer that starts soon on a weekday morning)  With my kids in grades 11,7,6,3,1,K and a toddler our days are quite packed with me trying to manage everything.  My middle kids help out with a small amount of teacher's aid type work with the younger ones.  But, the success is I have started considering ideas and am getting them written down.  In a way I wish I had started this when the kids were all younger so it would be more normal to them (not everyone is thrilled with summer school :) )  But, when your oldest is in 2nd really do have the freedom to take a day off and go to the zoo.  And...while I know that you can consider lots of outings educational....going on them takes time away from math lessons, etc. 

3.   I finished my part of the federal tax return so my husband can finish it up.  Next job...educational expenses for the state tax deductions.

and a couple of prayer requests?  For a prudent decision on whether or not to purchase our "dream home" and for a personal intention that could be taking up a lot of my time over the next couple of weeks.  It needs to remain a secret until it is done.  A few people know about this.  This is not anything exciting but could be very time consuming for me and upsetting for the kiddos.....But prayers are requested to make it as smoothly as possible.

I don't know if Crunchy Momma will post any successes.  But check out her idea on managing toy clutter below.....that is a MAJOR success.

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