Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom's Day In

If you haven't read the post below by Crunchy Mama (Mom's Night Out) you must! It has some wonderful unique ideas! It is fabulous.

But when Crunch Mama lived near me we both had fairly young children who were rather mom clingy and neither of us felt the need for any night's out. What we did need was time and a friend! So, we took turns going to each other's house every other week. Sometimes I would go to her house and watch all our kids while she washed her floor. Or she would come to my house and watch all our kids while I paid bills or cleaned up the kitchen. Sometimes the kids played and we could talk while cleaning - other times not - we just had some time afterwards for some fun. It didn't matter what we did - but it was an awful lot of help and an awful lot of fun! I highly recommend it!


The Krazy Girl said...

That is a great idea!!! I heard about people having a playgroup and not inviting one of the moms. Then she could drop off her kids for everyone else to watch and have a few hours to herself (and the uninvited mom rotated obviouslt:)) But, this sounds like a lot more fun.

Congrats on your 17th anniversary. Thats awesome. A proposal in a chapel sounds really sweet:)

Crunchy Momma said...

Ha! I had forgotten about that! Boy, that feels like it was a hundred years ago!