Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saint Traditions for this week

Today is Saint Monica's Feast Day. She had a difficult Mother-in-law so in her honor, I usually try to do something nice for my Mother-in-law today. Also, my kids have not been old enough to do this before but this year we are going to try it. Saint Monica prayed for Saint Augustine's conversion for 20 years. Children have no concept of how long 20 years is, but they could stay awake for 20 hours straight. You could easily add saying a prayer to Saint Monica and Saint Augustine every hour.

Saint Augustine's Feast Day is tomorrow. He is the Patron Saint of breweries. I imagine that this has to do with his way of life before his conversion. So, PRince Charming always has a beer in his honor. (I told you some of our traditions were a bit odd.) Saint Augustine also had "Here we do not speak evil of anyone" written on his wall. So anyone saying anything not nice about anyone else around here on top of any other punishment has to say an extra prayer or do an extra chore for the person they were not nice to on Saint Augustine's Feast Day. This should be interesting the day after staying up 20 hours straight.

The Feast Day of Saint Felix is August 30th. It is sometimes referred to as the Feast of Saint Felix and his companion or a direct translation in Latin would be "and one added." Saint Felix was a priest who was tortured and then sentenced to die. On his way to his execution he heard the confession of a man. This infuriated the guards and they beheaded both men on the spot. We try to go to confession on Saint Felix's feast day so that we might be "the one added" at the end of our lives.

Have a good day!

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