Thursday, August 6, 2009


Very small successes this week.

1. Decided (and did!) reduce my computer and blog time. It's way too easy to sit down for 5 minutes at a time at the computer doing things I really don't need to do.

2. Sent the faith and family link to a friend who I thought could really benefit from it.

3. Got everything ready (with the help of my husband and kids) to have the carpets cleaned yesterday. If we ever replace this stuff it will NOT be very light tan (almost white), which is what was here 10 years ago when we bought the house.


Loren Christie said...

I love the smell of freshly cleaned carpets. It's so cool that you and a friend keep in touch via a blog.

ViolinMama said...

oooh....can you clean my house? It's smelling a bit "off" here. I think it is the carpets!

Good for you on #2...I've done that too. Feels GOOD!

Awesome on #1...!!!!

You rock!!!