Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eyelash Hypotrichosis

I was at the dermatologists office the other day for Logan's appointment when I saw a pamphlet for those suffering from this condition! Eyelash Hypotrichosis simply means inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Now, I am seriously lacking in the eyelash department myself (in fact some of my kiddos must have Eyelash Hypertrichosis because theirs are always getting in the way of sunglasses and falling out in such great numbers that I would like to glue them on my eyelids - but that is another story). Who decides someone's eyelash count is inadequate? Maybe the people that made the GEA (Global Eyelash Assessment) Scale. I am totally not kidding here. It is on the pamphlet.

If someone reading this truly has problems due to inadequate eyelashes I do apologize. Guess it's just my lack of understanding this situation.

But no one will see mine anyway this summer. Today I bought a nice pair of sunglasses because I suffer from what I will call I KNOW IT'S DAYTIME AND I AM NOT EVEN TIRED BUT MY EYES KEEP FALLING ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING syndrom in which I fall asleep at the wheel when I don't have a pair of really good sunglasses on.

So, as I was suffering over this huge decision, because they weren't cheap and will NOT be lost again, I finally realized something. The rather large pair that the optometrist picked out for me when I first asked for help, the pair I nicely put in the NO WAY pile immediately- really ended up being the best pair for my eyes. I looked at my son Henry and realized, I have a husband and seven kids, who am I trying to impress? And besides, they do a great job of hiding my eyelash hypotrichosis.


Crunchy Momma said...

I demand that you post a picture of you with the super cool sunglasses.

Suzie said...