Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grocery shopping made easy

Have you discovered online shopping?  If not, you should look into it. Many grocery stores now offer online shopping and delivery.  Some other stores will not deliver but will shop for you and then you just pull in and pick it up.  There is usually a fee but I find that my sanity (a.k.a. not having to take a two hour trip to the store with 5 kids) is worth it.  And I really like shopping at 12 midnight in my pajamas.  

The store that I shop at also allows me to store up to a dozen lists.  I have three months of rotating menus.  Thus, I can pull up my month #3 list, run down the list of items, check what I need, and then click "add to cart" and ta da!  The bulk of the grocery shopping for that month is complete.  The next day the groceries are delivered.  Simple as that! I still find that I need to run to the store for produce and staples but the bulk of my shopping is eliminated.  

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I don't know said...

That is an awesome idea. I never knew you did this. Our delivery service has a place to store lists as well and I never thought of that. I bet I could even print the list for times I just want to run to the local store. No more getting up at the crack of dawn, or needing my oldest to babysit while I take Nathan with for help.