Sunday, April 12, 2009

SAHM just does not cut it.

Have you heard the term SAHM?  It is an acronym for Stay At Home Mom.  But it just does not cover it.  Instead I think that I am going to refer to myself as SAHBOOHBFCSPTBBKLMFFFKCCANTMCMCTM.  Did you catch that? It means Sometimes At Home But Often Out, Homeschooling, Breast Feeding, Co-Sleeping, Picture Taking, Boo Boo Kissing, List Making, Frugal, Fun, Frumpy, Kinda Crazy, Crunchy, All Natural and Tired Mom, Chef, Maid, Chauffer, and Toy Mechanic.  

What is your new title going to be? 


Suzie said...

Hey Crunchy Mama, LOVE IT!
I think I need that on a t shirt. :)

Crunchy Momma said...

A tshirt would be cute but I am thinking that I would encircle the shirt a time or two.

scrappysue said...

LOVE IT!!! i agree SAHM is way too generic. thanks for stopping by!