Monday, April 27, 2009

What do the contents of your pockets say about you?

A lot of days I can tell what happened that day by what I empty out of my pockets at the days end.  Saturday I had a few used dryer sheets, a rock and three little green Army guys.   The day was spent doing and folding laundry, working on the firepit that is going up in the backyard, and I picked up the Army guys while solving a fight between the four boys.  Sunday pocket collection: a bookmark because I finished my book, a hairbow that Esme pulled out in Church and threw at the guy in front of us and a pen because I wrote a real snail mail note. Today was spent on the yard and garden.  This far my pockets have scissors, plant velcro, three rocks, a doggie treat, a trash bag and a pair of garden gloves that I could not find so I did not wear.  
What is in your pockets? 


RealMom4Life said...

I just got dressed - so nothing yet! But, I so totally understand! I now know why June Cleaver wore aprons all the time. I thought it was because she was always busy cleaning that immaculate house that no one messed up all day long. I think it was for the pockets!

I am mostly picking up little things Logan cannot have like marbles, erasers, rocks, etc. I like the little green men.

Do you wear a housecoat? J/K

RealMom4Life said...

A scorpion in a plastic case, and a one decade rosary is what is ALWAYS in my pockets. Always.