Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After telling one of my children numerous times to go comb his hair this morning....I ushered him into the bathroom, tossed a towel over his shoulders, and proceeded to really wet his hair. He quickly removed the towel. I said that was fine but I was just trying to avoid getting his clothes wet. He looked around and said, "OK, but close the door, this is embarrassing!"

And running around for over and hour with your hair poking in all directions isn't?


The Road Scholar said...

UGH! I have to do this with my 11 year old! We finally decided he would have a crew cut. I thought he would think it horrible, but he decided looking like an army guy was "cool."

Suzie said...

This is the exact reason Dunc has short hair. He pefers as few combing opportunities as possible.

Mary said...

Nope it doesn't...he's a boy! Welcome to the insanity!