Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back home

I'm back home from having my gall bladder removed. Thanks for the prayers. I forgot the recovery isn't quite as easy as having your wisdom teeth removed (the only other surgery I ever got to come home right after). That weird shoulder bubble pain for one thing. But, that's O.K. I don't regret the decision (I'm not sure I felt that way 24 hours ago :) )

I got up this morning fully intending to go to Mass and just walk slowly. Woah - that was clearly not an option (and one I do not take lightly either). Change of plans, Wyatt (6) stayed home to mommysit me and get me ANYTHING I needed. He was great. I fell asleep watching the Mass on EWTN and he remained at his post lest I awaken and need something. When I woke up and saw him still there I put on a cartoon for him, then I dozed again.

Things are going well. Next week will be slow. And, that's O.K. so helpful to have older kids who can cook, clean up, and do diaper duty even after my dh goes back to work on Tuesday. And, really, I should be back to normal in just 2 weeks - and inching my way toward that goal until then.... :)


Mary said...

I am so glad things went well. Take it easy and don't over do it. be well my friend!!
Blessings and Grace...

The Road Scholar said...

God bless, Wyatt. I'm not sure my 6 yo daughter would do that well...I fell asleep dictating spelling words yesterday and they left me there with my head in the book.

I hope everything else goes well with your recovery. My mom had her gallbladder removed after I was born, but that was 40+ years ago when they let you stay in the hospital for a whole week.