Monday, February 8, 2010

Two new recipes so far this week

I had a long time to sit waiting in a doctor's office last week and found some great recipes to try. My family got a kick out of it....
My dh, "Did you actually ask them to photocopy them?" Uh, no.
Anna, "You mean you got to practice your handwriting?"


Sauerbrauten - enjoyed by all tonight - esp. my 2 year old who couldn't wait for me to cut the pieces small enough for him.

Spicy Lime Chicken a few nights ago - another hit. Although I forgot to buy a lime and lime juice so I just used Lemon juice.

What about you? Any new recipes I could add to my repertoire without practicing my handwriting skills?

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Suzie said...

What on earth is Sauerbrauten? And can we have the recipes? Or a link to where to get them?