Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinner made with love

Yesterday I was downstairs putting the finishing touches on our new schoolroom (we moved most things downstairs in the fall - but now EVERYTHING is down there!). My dh had taken Anna, Nathan, and Henry snowmobiling.

When I came up I discovered that Terese (10) and Wyatt (6) had made dinner, took care of the dishwasher and table, etc. Apparently it was Elizabeth's (4) and Logan's (2) job to make sure I didn't come up too soon. They even made menus and silverware wrapped in napkins with a sweet little note hidden inside mine.

They made chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and peas and carrots. The food was great. My kids are greater! Thanks

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Mary said...

YOUR KIDS ARE THE BEST! Thank you for sharing them with us...job well done!