Monday, February 8, 2010

The day started iffy...but it got better

1. You wake up 2 hours later than usual (almost NEVER happens).
2. Most of the kids wake up late (that was weird too).
3. You cannot get to the schoolbooks because of a major basement project Saturday morning requiring the quick rearranging of shelves and cabinets to a location out of the way (i.e. the schoolroom). Somehow this fact escapes your mind Sunday night or it would have been done then.
4. Everyone starts out their school day by spending 1/2 hour rearranging said items to places where they can be more semi-permanently placed -still allowing schoolwork AND leaving enough room for the science classes that meet in the basement Tuesday morning.
5. You break for lunch and send your two oldest outside to shovel just as the plow comes by and dumps that ginormous pile at the end of the driveway (you say a quick thank you prayer that your dh just showed your oldest child how to use the snow blower). You explain to the other children that yes, you will be doing the shovelers inside chores today. You see those two older kids again 2 hours later.
6. Your oldest son is so kind, he says he needs a break but would like to go plow out the neighbors driveway for him since he is still recovering from arm surgery. You think to yourself...but you have SCHOOLWORK...but don't say anything quite yet...your son is being incredibly charitable...isn't that the type of person you are trying to raise? You need to think about this before speaking.
7. You take a shower before heading off to a 3:30 pre-op appt. (yes, let me just say right now that I do normally shower in the morning - but we were already 2 hours late).
8. You do a quick check on everyone's assignments to be sure they know what to keep working on. ( started 2 hours late)
9. On your way to the appt. you notice that Mr. B's driveway has been plowed, you say a quick thank you that you have more very generous neighbors, and you call your son to let him know it's been done.
10. Your dh is coming home early to help with the younger kids while the older kids work on their schoolwork. You are incredibly thankful that your dh has this kind of flexibility, at least this time of the's been a long time coming.
11. You get home to see your dh helping your son with his drawing homework. THANK YOU!
12. After dinner you sit down with your 5th and 6th graders to discuss the 10 mile day, leave them alone together to make a PowerPoint slide of the event for their history book,...and discover that instead they made a movie together. :)
13. You say some extra prayers before bed that the littlest 2 will NOT be sick tomorrow (they both seem to be coming down with the sniffles). We have NOT been sick for months - why now? The prayers are selfishly for've been waiting 10 years for this diagnosis/ don't want to catch a cold and have to reschedule. If it was the oldest 2 I am sure they would understand if I sent them to live in the basement until Friday :) but it's my 2 and 4 year olds - they just want cuddles and love...and this momma is going to give it to them...and take lots of vitamin C...and wash my hands ALOT......etc.


ViolinMama said...

WOW!! What a day, but I love how you captured it, and the schoolwork you are doing....filing it all away for when I school....

Glad it turned out ok! Much love!

Mary said...

Wow! You need a drink after a day like that!!